Group Insurance

Do we need to provide our own group insurance ?


Hello All,

We welcome you to Pilgrim Cove Camp & Conference Center and want to be sure you have an enjoyable and safe experience here.  We also expect outside groups using our facilities to be responsible for any damages, injuries or other claims that arise out of their activities during the time they are here.

For that reason we require all groups using our facilities to provide verification of liability insurance naming Pilgrim Cove Camp & Conference Center as additional insured (specific insurance requirements are outlined in our use of facilities agreement).  This insurance will protect your group from liability claims as well as extend to protect Pilgrim Cove camp during your stay here.

While our own liability insurance also protects Pilgrim Cove Camp, it doesn’t protect your group and it is not our intention to be held liable for or have our insurance carrier involved in claims arising out of your use of our premises.  For your convenience we can recommend or vendors like them to provide an event policy if your group doesn’t have other commercial general liability coverage already in place through your organization.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Pilgrim Cove Camp & Conference Center